Forth Annual Award to Set Standards & Promote Excellence for the $17.5-Billion-Sales Chinese Cuisine Industry in USA.

Chinese Restaurant News ( will officially announce the final Top 100 winners in November 2007, and host a grand Award ceremony in New York City

The Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Award is setting the standard for excellence, aiming to present the very best of Chinese cuisine, which has become a part of America's daily dining scene. It is now an industry with over $17.5 billion annual sales, and includes 43,139 Chinese restaurants in the U.S., which is more than the total number of McDonald's (13,000+), Burger Kings (11,000+), and Wendy's (6,900+) domestic stores combined! Yet for such a big segment of the restaurant industry, there has yet to be a set of standards or any method for awarding excellence.

The Top 100 Award, sponsored by Chinese Restaurant News, has taken the initiative to make this happen. It is the 4th annual event, with national ranking and support from various establishments. Gaining more recognition and prestige with every passing year, this 4th annual award is expected to surpass all previous years to include Chinese restaurants in all 50 states and many exciting new categories, such as Top 100 signature dishes & Top 100 Chinese eateries in 10 major cities.

Participating restaurants come from the base of 43,139 Chinese restaurants nationwide. The first round of selection criteria is that candidate restaurants must have scored well in restaurant reviews in either local or national media, qualifying over 8,000 restaurants. The second round involves the review of candidate restaurants with the following criteria:
1) 50% of menu items are Chinese cuisine,2) minimum of 2 years in business, and 3) recipient of a minimum of one award or one media ranking of local dining excellence, or verified valid customer votes of more than 200 counts. This brings the candidate list to 500 nominees that enter the final ranking. In the final round, public ratings on the Web and votes by diners of nominated restaurants significantly contribute to the winning status of the nominees. An appointed panel of judges, composed of respected industry leaders and experts, review and select the final 100 winners.

There will be a final list of Top 100 for overall excellence in six aspects, to be announced in November. In addition to recognition of food and flavor excellence, Top 100 will award excellence in one key aspect, such as Top 100 Dim Sum, Top 100 Take-outs, Top 100 Dine-in, Top 100 Signature Dish, Top 100 Chinese Buffet, Top 100 Old Favorites etc.

Top 100 candidates are featured online at Public voting is highly recommended. Come to vote for your favorite Chinese restaurants today!


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