Editorial Profile

Editorial Profile

The first issue of Chinese Restaurant News (C-R-N) was born in July 1995. It grows to be today’s largest and monthly publication that specialized to serve American-Chinese restaurants in North America. Over the past 5 years, C-R-N has become a premiere information source for Chinese-American restaurateurs to seek for the strategies and information to grow their restaurants.

Published in Chinese language, C-R-N timely covers current trade events, new dining trends, hot restaurant concepts and inspiring success stories in the fast growing Asian restaurant segment.

Every month, we inspect the issues and trends driving foodservice industry to change and offer ideas to help restaurateurs to manage daily detail, stay on top of technology, understand changing markets and expand into new profit centers.

Cover Story
The cover story gives a close-up look at a successful Chinese restaurant and the people behind the success.

Every month C-R-N visits a distinctive Chinese restaurant, and interviews chefs, owners or operators. Our exclusive, in-depth and real-life stories broadcast legendary accomplishments, trumpet restaurant entrepreneurship, provide inspiring food for thoughts, and reveal the secretes to success.

Foodservice Trends and Forecast
This section covers current foodservice events, consumer dining trends, new restaurant concepts, menu trends, and other vital information that affect US foodservice industry or the Chinese segment in particular.

Operation Strategies
This is a useful resource for Chinese restaurant operators to find tips for improving daily management, service, marketing, equipment, cost control and profits margins.

Menu & Recipe Showcase
While menu is vital to the success of a restaurant, this section provides fresh and innovative menu ideas for traditional Chinese sit-downs, buffet outlets and takeout kitchens. It also brings in current menu merchandising & marketing techniques.

Supplier & Product News
This section features a vast array of new or interesting products on the market. It also gives short profiles of active suppliers and their services.

Shows and Trade Event Calendar
We compile an up-to-date Event Calendar of foodservice shows, conferences and trade events all over the United States and North America. The calendar is updated every month with most current information.

Internet Updates
This section reviews useful web technologies and cool sites in restaurateur's interest; also covers new online marketing trends and strategies.

Our Mission
•Celebrate restaurant entrepreneurship and legendary success in Chinese foodservice segment.
•Illuminate on business growth strategies and successful restaurant management.
•Bridge up the language barriers to up-to-date foodservice issues and mainstream trends.
•Serve the Chinese restaurant industry by delivering news to the restaurant’s doorstep.

Our Audience
Owners and operators of Chinese restaurants, executive managers of high-volume independent restaurants, multi-unit or chain stores, and prospect owners of new restaurants are C-R-N’s target audience. The readers turn to C-R-N with one common issue in mind: the quest for ideas to grow their restaurant business.

Among the 43,139 Chinese restaurants who regularly receive C-R-N, 86.5% are family-operated and independently owned; 9% have multi-unit stores; 2.7% are chained or franchised .1.8% are takeout stations in supermarkets. Service wise, about 71% are traditional sit-down restaurants, over 21% operate fast food, carry-out or delivery service; 6% are buffet restaurants, 2% catering or dim sum supply stores.