Marketing Tip: Remember Your Four Walls

2017-12-05 15:09    
Quick tip and reminder of something you already know.

But sometimes we forget...

So, here's an example of some pretty good four-walls marketing I came across last week.

Note: "Four Walls Marketing" is using the interior walls/tables/etc. of your restaurant to share marketing messages with your customers to encourage either repeat visits or more spending during the current visit.

And yes, four walls extend to the "captive" audience in your restroom stalls, as Lilly's does here with six flyers on the back of the door.

They also do a nice job by the entrance with a basic bulletin board. Half for local business cards and messages and the other half for in-house promo flyers.

Yes, letting local businesses post/share their business cards at your restaurant is a good idea!

Be local. Be special. Market...Market...Market...

What are you doing in your restaurant to maximize your four walls marketing strategy?