How To Improve Employee Morale at Your Restaurant

Managing restaurant employees is a business in itself. From coming in late to scheduling conflicts, your restaurant can't afford to mismanage its employees. According to The School of Hospitality Business and Research News WSU, "employee satisfaction - rather than more traditional operational variables such as perceived value - was the most significant factor in predicting a restaurant's customer satisfaction, and in turn, profitability. Employee satisfaction resulted in better guest satisfaction, which boosted the bottom line." Whether you run a fast food franchise or a fine dining establishment, there are few steadfast rules that will improve employee morale.


Employee pay is the single determinate of employee morale. If your employees aren't being paid well, your restaurant will suffer. Be sure to consult an outside source to get a fair appraisal on what each position within your company should be making. Don't stick by these pay rates hard and fast however, if you have an outstanding employee reward him/her. In the restaurant business, great employees are hard to come by.


If you suspect your employee's morale might not be at an all time high, take to the floor. Talk with each employee and evaluate their performance along with their satisfaction. Be sure to establish open and honest communication. This will give you transparency with your employees. Have an open door policy and a suggestion box for employees to suggest better ways to do things. According to WSU, "This is really common sense, but it is allowing us to develop a holistic productivity model, one with variables not considered previously - like job satisfaction as a determinant of productivity and guest satisfaction as an additional indicator of overall productivity."

Hire Right

Hiring the right employees can solve your problem in the first place. Make sure that each employee fits with your organization, matching their skills to the job requirements will lower turnover and improve employee morale. Make sure to analyze their previous job history, if they haven't stayed at a position for longer than a year, it may not be a good idea to hire them for your restaurant if you already have high employee turnover.

HR professionals are great at conceptualizing skills and matching them each job description. If your business doesn't have an HR professional in-house, you should compare hr outsourcing price quotes. HR outsourcing companies will be able to manage and help you with your hiring process on a "need basis."

If you are trying to boost employee morale within your restaurant, remember to hire the right candidates, foster a culture that is productive and pay your employees fairly. If individual needs require additional care and attention, make yourself available to your employees. Proper management of employees within a restaurant is crucial to boosting employee morale, and research shows employee morale is directly tied to customer satisfaction.